>Tax Consultancy

The Tax Consultancy Department of Afin Assessoria Fiscal e Contabil is structured in order to follow all the modifications of the different regulatons in the tax and legal area, identifying opportunities that provide a reduction in the tax burden and/or the elimination of risks due to non-compliance of main and accessory obligations. Our work experience, together with the professionals from our clients, has shown that this kind of service generates important benefits.

>Untimely credits

Through invoices from previous periods, we carry out the analysis of the documentation looking to identify the possible credit opportunities, complying with the current regulations and jurisprudences.

>Permanent Tax Consultancy and Assistance

Specific or periodic analysis of calculations of direct taxes (IRPJ and CSLL) and indirect taxes (Import tax, PIS, COFINS, ICMS and IPI), looking to eliminate the tax risks, as well as looking for the best way to pay your taxes.

>DIPJ e demais obrigações acessórias

Atualmente a Receita Federal detém sistemas que permitem o confronto de todas as informações prestadas pelo contribuinte, para isso, a Afin possui equipes treinadas para elaborar ou revisar a DIPJ, bem como as demais obrigações acessórias, eliminando questionamentos futuros por parte dos agentes de fiscalização.

>Reconstitution of tax certificates

Afin carries out work to reconstitute tax certificates, eliminating all fiscal risks that have not yet expired / prescribed.

>DGCA - Accumulated ICMS Credit

Our team of specialists are ready to assist you in the correct calculation of the ICMS following current legislation. The correct and legal use of the accumulated ICMS credit could generate a revenue flow for the company.

>Tax Planning

Afin can provide your company with great opportunities for reducing the tax burden, related to the direct and indirect Tax areas, by implementing tax planning.

>NFe and Files of Accounting, Fiscal and Social Security Sped

The provision of SPED files without complying with the current regulations can lead to fines for your company. Afin is ready to assist our clients in overcoming these challenges.