Accounting and Fiscal Outsourcing

Afin has specialized in accounting and fiscal outsourcing, using procedures that are integrated with our clients' processes and routines, generating accessory obligations, tax calculations and personalized accounting reports, in IFRS or USGAAP.

HR Department

We have the experience and know-how to prepare your payrolls and accessory obligations, from the generation of time assignments to the issuing of paychecks and payment reports.

Tax Consultancy

We have a specific department to go with all the alterations in the tax law, identifying the opportunities that provide a reduction of the tax burden and/or the elimination of risks due to non-compliance of the main and accessory obligations.

ERP Setup

We have the knowledge and experience to implement accounting, fiscal and payroll modules, and stock in the most traditional ERPs: Protheus, Totvs and SAP.


We have worked with Afin for the last 7 years and they have always worked with excellence and effectively. During this time Afin has helped us with the utmost competence in the search of financial results and also in the mitigation of fiscal/tax risks. They are a company that are highly commited and with professionals with amazing know-how.

Edmar Moraes - CFO -
Coim Brasil LTDA

AFIN, trust, competence, partnership, suitability. I had the chance of getting to know AFIN when I became the Comptroller at an IT company. They were responsible for the accounting, the tax part, both in Reals and USD, and of some managerial reports for the Corporation. An excellent and commited experience and a partner for the challenges that I had to face related to the organization of the financial processes. Some time later, I found new challenges by taking over the management of a company from the Auction area, and I went to AFIN without any hesitation whatsoever. With AFIN's support, we developed the tax and accounting models, made incorporations and continued having their accounting, tax and payroll service provision. The use of the TOTVS system confirms their commitment with quality in the provision of services.

Marcia Guglielmi - Finance Director -

Freescale is a company from the high tech market and was looking for a company to carry out our accounting and tax activities. Due to its high complexity, this company had to have the technical qualifications, responsibility and quality in the service provision and thus, we saw in Afin the necessary conditions to set up this partnership. We have been working with Afin since 2012 and we are really satisfied with their services."

Pedro Brito - Controller -
Freescale Semicondutores Brasil LTDA

AFIN has been a partner of Thinktech for over 5 years. We were very lucky to have chosen such a serious and competent partner to help us in our daily processes, one who always proposes solutions and improvements. They are highly competent professionals, involved in complying with all the financial, tax and accounting obligations. We all know how important it is to seek perfection in our professional and personal lives, even though we know perfection is Utopic for us mere mortals. Anyway, this is the reason why we are here and why we have a mission to accomplish. There is a whole without its parts, and that is how perfection can be achieved. So I have to thank AFIN for this partnership. You seek perfection together with our team and are fully dedicated to it.

Renata Ishikawa- Finance Manager -
Quanta Computer